Aerial Application

We are aerial applicators of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. We also do aerial seeding when you are unable to get into your fields, and fall desiccation.

Aerial application accounts for nearly 25% of crop production application. This method is an excellent alternative for areas where a ground unit cannot operate due to wet soil conditions. At Western Canadian Aerial Ltd., we offer a variety of insecticides and fungicides that can be applied by air.

Benefits of aerial application

Timely and efficient

Not limited to soil conditions

No compaction or damage caused by ground unit tire tracks

Yield advantage

Aerial application is often the safest, fastest, most efficient and economical way to treat a crop when pests or disease threaten it.

The aerial application business is our specialty and we strive to keep our customers satisfied with a precise application that suits the needs of each producer.

Our mission is to combine the best equipment and technology with our experienced and trained staff to provide our customers with timely, reliable, and quality service.

As a rough example, take a look at this trampling comparison on ground to aerial application

Enter Specs

Tire Width (in)

Boom Width (ft)

# of Headlands

Crop Bu/Ac

Crop Value/Bu

Calculated Loss

Losses due to tramping %

Losses due to tramping $/Ac

Acres Lost per Quarter

Our in-house maintenance shop with our highly qualified engineers ensures our planes are kept in the air.
We are a full service retail supplying all chemical and seed needs to our growers in the Wellwood and Minnedosa area.

We currently have 16 turbine spray planes in our fleet.

Air Tractor-402B​
Air Tractor-502B​
Air Tractor-602B
We keep up-to-date with new GPS technology advancements.
Accuracy of spray application is within inches of the target.
Our Technology

A variety of nozzles are used on our aircraft to ensure proper application for every scenario, including atomizers, CP’s, Micronairs, and variable rate.


CP Nozzles

Variable Rate Nozzles

We regularly calibrate our aircraft for pattern testing. This ensures optimum spray performance, uniformity, accuracy, swath width, droplet size, and reduces spray drift.