We currently have 16 turbine spray planes in our fleet.

Air Tractor-402B​
Air Tractor-502B​
Air Tractor-504
Air Tractor-602B
We keep up-to-date with new GPS technology advancements.
Accuracy of spray application is within inches of the target.
Our Technology

A variety of nozzles are used on our aircraft to ensure proper application for every scenario, including atomizers, micronairs, and CP’s.



CP Nozzles

We regularly calibrate our aircraft for pattern testing. This ensures optimum spray performance, uniformity, accuracy, swath width, droplet size, and reduces spray drift.

Aircraft Maintenance
Our in-house maintenance shop equipped with our highly qualified engineers ensures our planes are kept in the air. Not only do we service our own fleet of aircraft, we also service aircraft outside of WCA also in the aerial application industry.