Along with agricultural application, we also do forestry contracts. This includes forestry protection with the use of BTK, herbicide spraying to improve timber productivity and seeding evergreens in areas inaccessible by any other method.

BTK on Forestry

BTK, also known as Foray, is a naturally occurring bacterium in soil, which is highly effective against larvae. BTK has no impact on humans, other animals, or surrounding environments (when sprayed). BTK only affects larvae, after they ingest leaves that have been sprayed with BTK. Spraying forestry with BTK happens in late spring, early summer when the larvae have reached the right stage of growth.

Herbicide Spraying

Herbicides are sprayed on commercial forests in the fall to help improve timber productivity. Herbicides are used to keep certain plants under control, to not overtake the evergreen seeds that were planted in the spring. This is so the new seeds do not have to fight for vital nutrients, space, water and sunlight.

Seeding Evergreens

Seeding evergreens takes place in the late winter & early spring, so that the moisture of the snow can help the seeds grow. The seeds are also covered with clay, compost and char to give them good nutrition to start growing.