In 2016, Sprague Richardson, purchased Ken Kane Aerial Spray (1988) Ltd.

Ken Kane, a leader in the agricultural spray business and founder of Ken Kane Aerial Spray (1988) Ltd, started in the crop spraying business with one J3 Piper Cub airplane. Ken built up his empire to a fleet of 17 spray planes and had over 40 years of experience in crop spraying.

Ken was also the first to import an AT-301 into Canada. Air Tractors have now become the standard among aerial application today. Since 2016 WCA has grown, working in more areas across the prairies than ever before and has continuously expanded in contract forestry spraying.

Sprague was born and raised in Headingley, Manitoba, and his family has deep roots in agriculture and aviation.

Sprague’s agriculture-related flying started in the potato patch in Winkler, Manitoba, in an Air Tractor 402-B.

In 2018 Western Canadian Aerial Ltd acquired Bestland Air in Starbuck, Manitoba.

It is Sprague’s wish to carry on the success of Ken Kane Aerial Spray (1988) Ltd and his goal is to provide the farming industry with the high-quality service they have been accustomed to in the past.


We employ experienced pilots from around the globe with thousands of flight hours over the standard hundreds. This makes them more qualified to handle our advanced technology in location software and provides combined experience exceeding 150 years. As well as pilots from Canada, we also accommodate pilots from Australia and Belize.

Our mission is to combine the best equipment and technology with our experienced and trained staff to provide our customers with timely, reliable, and quality service.